Making YOU your priority!!!

I can recall a few years ago while going to therapy, my therapist asked me what makes me happy and what do I enjoy doing.  I can recalled being stumped and not knowing how to answer.  I felt I was an overall happy person and aside from work I came up with nothing on things I enjoyed doing list.  She then gave me homework and ordered me NOT to add work to the list of things I enjoyed doing.  Although I tried to explain that my work aligns with my passion which is why I enjoyed it, SHE WASN'T TRYING TO HEAR IT!!

This forced me to spend time with me to figure out what do I enjoy?  Spending time with me made me realize I hadn't spent enough time focusing on me.  This prompted me into reflecting more on self-care.  Although I reflected then, it still took me about a year to implement a consistent routine...Well let me be transparent  being overwhelmed, snapping, easily frustrated and a sense of overwhelming anxiety forced me into a consistent routine of self-care.

Now I can honestly say I enjoy:

-Traveling to different States and Countries

-Walking in the park and feeding the ducks

-Reading self-help and Urban fiction books

- Baking and drawing 

-Meditating and using Lavendar oil

-Getting quarterly massages


-Attending comedy shows and networking events 

I also have things that I do daily which includes praying, reading the scripture and meditating EACH and EVERY morning, then reading my emails then getting my day started.  Ready to make YOU your focus.  Join me on a 21 day Prayer and Self-Care Journey starting April 8, 2019.  This 21 day journey I pray will help you to establish a daily and consistent routine.  Follow the link to get the template and follow along!!  Be WELL!!



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